Ecommerce app development

According to a study, 9 out of 10 people are more comfortable using an app for online shopping as opposed to browsing a website. It’s pretty understandable. After all, mobile apps are a lot easier to use and are more convenient. However, from a business standpoint, having an eCommerce app could mean having the ability to sell your products a lot quicker than usual.

This only means that if you want to reach out to your users and provide them with the best user experience possible, then you should consider eCommerce app development. That’s exactly what we at Technika Valley offer.

We at Technika Valley IT Solutions have worked with hundreds of clients in the past and provided them with fully functional and customized eCommerce apps for their intended purposes. With the help of eCommerce app development, they were able to make the lives of their users easier while also raking in tons of cash from sales.

Ecommerce app development

Why You Need an eCommerce App?

There are three major reasons why you’d want to invest in an eCommerce app for your online business. They’re as follows:

1. People spend more time on their mobile devices

The time a lot of people spend using their mobile devices has been increasing significantly within these past few years. Aside from that, the number of mobile users has increased as well. In the eCommerce industry, this meant that online businesses were able to notice a huge portion of their sales coming from mobile devices.

In fact, statistics revealed that 67% of all eCommerce sales are from mobile devices.

2. Users prefer using mobile apps

A mobile-friendly website can significantly increase sales for your business. However, having an eCommerce app would increase your numbers even further. In fact, 78% of customers would prefer using an app to purchase from an eCommerce website as opposed to using its mobile website version.

3. You can enjoy higher conversion rates

Lastly, eCommerce apps provide better conversion rates compared to mobile website versions. According to statistics, consumers view 286% more products when using an eCommerce app than browsing a website’s mobile version. This means that you’ll be missing out on countless opportunities if you don’t consumer eCommerce app development for your business.

What do we offer?

Now that you’ve known of the many advantages you can get from an eCommerce app for your business, allow us to show you what we offer. Basically, we create eCommerce mobile apps for all sorts of online stores such as the following:

  • Healthcare products
  • Electronic products
  • Grocery shop
  • Furniture store
  • Online businesses

We also make sure to incorporate the following design elements to ensure a seamless experience for your users:

  • Easy Checkout – This is intended to reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Interactive UI/UX Design – To ensure that you can increase your rate of customer retention by making the entire experience easy for your users.
  • Quick Loading – To ensure that your users won’t close the app upon using due to slow loading times.
  • Easy Navigation – This is to make sure that your users can easily find the products they want to buy. This can also help boost your overall sales.
  • Multilingual Support – This is designed to cater to your customers regardless of where they came from.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – To provide your users with the help they need regarding any concerns or inquiries they might have.
  • Multiple Payment Options – To make sure that your users can have multiple options when it comes to making payments.

Our App Development Process

As one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we always make sure that our entire development process is fairly easy for our clients to understand. This means we don’t use any technical jargon, and we even collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Here’s our app development workflow:

  1. We analyze your requirements and review your business. Through this, we’ll be able to obtain the details we need for your custom eCommerce app. We’ll also require any input from you, be it a design you want to be included, etc.
  2. After that, we will then create a draft and show it to you before we proceed with the design and development.
  3. Once we get your approval, our designers and developers will then start with the design and development process. We also make sure that the app can run on both Android and iOS platforms.
  4. After that, we’ll then conduct multiple tests to check the app’s overall performance and functionalities. We’ll make sure to remove any bugs that might be present.
  5. Once multiple tests yielded positive results, we’ll then launch the app.
  6. Lastly, once we have met all of your requirements as well as that of Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, we’ll then publish the app to make it go live.

Why Work With Us?

As a mobile app development company in Hyderabad who has worked with countless clients over the past few years, we at Technika Valley pride ourselves in helping a lot of eCommerce businesses succeed in their ventures.

We know that having a mobile app for an eCommerce business is really convenient these days, not to mention it can really increase a company’s profits. With interactive eCommerce app development services, we will be able to help your business increase its reach, customer retention, and most of all, profits.

Here are the reasons why you should work with us for your eCommerce app development needs.

  • We Can Customize Your Needs

As a trusted Android app development company, we can provide you with an eCommerce application that’s tailored to your business’ needs and preferences. We make sure that it can cater to your target audience and can fulfill the vision you have in mind. However, we’re not just limited to Android app development as well also offer app development for the iOS platform.

  • Our Service Comes in a One-Time Cost

Unlike other eCommerce app development companies out there, we at Technika Valley offer our services for a one-time payment basis. There will be no hidden charges involved; rather, you can expect it to be a one-time investment.

  • Modern UI/UX

We always aim to provide a seamless online shopping experience to end-users. We can achieve this by implementing modern UI/UX design techniques.

Contact us now so we can talk about your eCommerce app in further detail.